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Revise & Rejuvenate Essentials Pack

Revise & Rejuvenate Essentials Pack

SKU: 2628

From fragile capillaries to reactive skin conditions, the Revise & Rejuvenate Essential Pack is recommended for mature skin that requires extra attention. Enjoy the toning effects of DMK's Biogen C while you nourish and protect your skin with the complete rejuvenation set. In convenient travel size bottles, never leave the house without the essential DMK skincare products!


DMK cleansers are designed to cleanse the skin and remove embedded impurities. DMK offers a Milk Cleanser for reactive, dry skins or Deep Pore for oily skin types.


This pack contains
Ess Biogen C Crème 15ml with SPF15
Ess Deep Pore Cleanser 60ml
Ess Herb & Mineral 60ml
Ess Soleil Protect SPF15+ 60ml
Revise & Rejuvenate Instructional Flyer

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