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Everyone Loves a Healthy Tan!

A spray tan is perfect for any occasion, big or small. Using the Australian made Naked Tan, you'll be ready to jump in the shower in 2 hours and start seeing your glow! 

If you're wanting some extra special, add in the dry body brushing which is an intense full body exfoliation, followed by your spray tan. Excellent for exfoliating those hard to reach or stubborn spots!

A Woman getting a spray tan at LUNA Skin and Brow Salon

Spray Tan Treatment Services List

Using the Naked Tan solution our tans our ready in 2 hours, and give a natural, sun kissed look without any of that nasty UV skin damage!


 $69 | 30 minutes

DERMAPEN4 SKIN NEEDLING . . . . . . . .  $299

 $299 | 50 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I'm not sure how to start my skin journey - what would you suggest?
    Book in your First LUNA Facial where we will go through a consultation, recommendations and home prescriptive. It's the perfect starting point!
  • What if I have really sensitive skin?
    Our team can guide you towards the best treatment option. An LED is a great place to start as it's non invasive and suited for even the most reactive skins.
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