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Say Goodbye to Mascara and Brow Pencils, and Hello to Effortless Beauty!

If you're tired of having damaged lashes from extensions, smudged mascara and filling in your brows every morning then you've come to the right place! 

Whether you're looking at lashes or brows, we have a solution for you. Treat yourself to effortless beauty in the morning and enjoy your sleep in or morning coffee. We offer a whole range of lash and brow services - we have no doubt you'll find exactly what you're looking for.

A woman getting an eyebrow treatment at LUNA Skin and Brow Salon

In Depth Consultation & Tailored Only to You

With every lash and brow treatment, you can expect an in depth consultation about what you're wanting to achieve, what colour, what curl, how dramatic, how bold etc. Then we get to work on creating the brows and lashes of your dreams.

Brow & Lash Treatment Services List


Ideal for first time LUNA clients, or if it’s been over 6 weeks and you’re in need of a measure up! We follow the golden rule ratio and measure your brows to frame your face perfectly, we trim the brows only if needed, then shape them using a specialised brow wax. Finished with a guided brow styling session with our very own LUNA Brow Products.

FYI – ‘Brow Rehab’ can sometimes be needed if you are not happy with the shape from a previous brow stylist. We are here to help guide you thru this process with our recommendations. Its always worth taking the time to grow them out to a better shape… Trust the process!

+ Does not include tint or dye


If you’ve had a Brow Overhaul within 6 weeks, happy with the shape and just need a tidy up.


Tints brow hair to create subtle definition and enhance natural colour. Lasts approx. 3-4 weeks on hair.


LUNA’s most popular stain giving a Henna effect but a whole lot better! A precise brow stain that colours hair and skin to give the brows a makeup powder effect. Lasts approx. 4-6 weeks on hair and 1-2 weeks on skin.



*All lash tints include a relaxing hand or scalp massage


A lift from the base of your lash to the tip using a premium keratin solution which gently cares for the condition of your natural eyelashes. It creates the appearance of longer, fuller, more curled lashes without extensions. Includes tint or dye of choice. Lift lasts 8-12 weeks. 

(includes Tint) | $109

(includes Hybrid Dye) | $119


The hottest eyebrow trend for individuals who want to give their brows the ultimate lift, tame unruly hair, add symmetry, uniform shape, and add the look of fullness. We use a Keratin solution which nourishes your brows, lift lasts 8-12 weeks.

(includes Wax + Tint) | $109

(includes Wax + Hybrid Dye) | $119

"I love how thorough the ladies are,  consulting you on what you want and shaping the best brow for your face and features. I especially love the waxing clean up between the eyebrow/hairline area and painless (almost relaxing) plucking!"


A woman getting an eyebrow treatment at LUNA Skin and Brow Salon
Professional LUNA Skin and Brow Therapist giving a client an eyebrow treatment

Let's Transform Your Brows and Lashes Today!

Say Goodbye to Mascara and Brow Pencils, and Hello to Effortless Beauty! Book your brows and lashes appointment with our Experts today!

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