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Love The Skin You're In

Skin can be difficult to understand, often behaving in unpredictable ways. It can be frustrating when you don't feel your best, but it's important to take the time to figure out why your skin is behaving the way it is.


Doing so can help you educate yourself and take the necessary steps towards healthier skin. Remember that everyone has bad skin days, but with patience, consistency and trust in your therapist, you can work towards feeling your best!

LUNA skin expert engaging in a professional skin treatment consultation

In Depth Analysis & Holistic Approach to Your Skin Concerns

LUNA's therapists are dedicated to helping clients understand their skin condition and the underlying factors that contribute to it. We are skin obsessed - and provide clients with an in-depth analysis of your skin condition, explaining the reasons behind your skin’s behaviour. We take a holistic approach and provide a detailed program to help you address you skin concerns. We believe in the skin-gut connection and working both internally and externally. 

So, whether you are having a good skin day or not, LUNA's therapists are here to help you achieve healthy and functioning skin!

What's The Process?

When you book your First LUNA Facial, you can expect a complimentary skin scan with an in depth consultation. We will go through what your main concerns are, what your current routine is, any medical history, medication you're using, allergies etc. We will dive into the pictures we've taken of your skin and explain what's happening in the deeper layers and why your skin is behaving the way it is. 

We will then tailor one of our treatments to your skins needs, but also your personal needs and budget. This will either be our O Cosmedics signature facial which is the perfect blend of relaxation and results, or our DMK enzyme which works on your circulatory and lymphatic systems to get optimally functioning skin.

LUNA skin expert engaging in a professional skin treatment consultation

Our Skin Treatment Services List


$69 | 30 minutes

Our Observe 520 machine is state of the art machine which captures 6 images with different filters which allows us to evaluate what's happening in the deeper layers on the skin. We look at things such as pigmentation, oil flow, inflammation, and hydration.


$89 | 30 minutes

LED light therapy is a relaxing and effective way to rejuvenate and heal the skin. With different lights available such as blue, red, yellow, green, and infrared, it is suitable for various skin concerns like acne and anti-aging. LED light therapy has been proven to assist in skin rejuvenation and works well for all skin types. It's a great non-invasive alternative to harsh treatments.


$99 | 30 minutes

A non invasive treatment combining vacuum suction and sterile diamond head tips to gently buff skin and achieve immediate smooth, and clear results to the outer surface layer. In turn, helping your products penetrate those deeper layers more effectively. Includes deep cleanse, gentle exfoliation, tailored microdermabrasion, hydration and SPF. 


$159 - $209 | 75 minutes

Includes a complimentary Skin Exploration Session.

Every skin is different, and our 1st LUNA facial is designed to reflect this.


We first begin with a complimentary and optional skin scan session, which helps us address what’s really taking place in those deeper layers. Your skin expert then gets to work and customises either a Signature LUNA Facial or a DMK Fundamental Enzyme Level 1 to suit your needs.


Whether you’re here to relax or you’re ready to tackle some skin woes, we’ve got you covered!


$159 | 60 minutes

The ideal first treatment in your LUNA skin journey to deeply hydrate and nourish your skin or for clients who are currently on a treatment plan to help maintain their in-clinic results.

An OCosmedics facial tailored to suit all skin types and concerns. Includes our signature cleansing ritual + exfoliation, warm towels, customised enzymatic peel, extractions if needed, facial and décolletage massage, replenishing lift off mask, tailored serums and finishing products.


$299 | 50 minutes

This advanced skin perfecting pen stimulates healthy new collagen production and epidermal growth factors to restore and rejuvenate skin with minimum downtime.

Dermapen4 helps to minimise the appearance of scarring and uneven skin texture. It is also an effective solution for hyperpigmentation and age spots, especially for darker skins who are not suitable for laser. All Dermapen 4 treatments require specific pre and post care products. Allow 6-12 hrs downtime.


$219 | 60 minutes

Fancy an Ice bath anyone? Cryotherapy is suited for skins experiencing rosacea, dermatitis, pigmented and sun damaged skins. DMK’s cold therapy freezes and fractures dead cell material on the top layer of skin. This mask is not for the fainthearted! But yields amazing results, paired with our LED Light Therapy to help speed up the healing processes that take place in our skin. 


10 years younger in 10 days! The DMK RP is designed to revise the underlying condition of the skin with the aim of encouraging a strong healthy-looking skin which functions as if it were younger. Recommended for thickened, sun damaged, or post acne scarring. 

7-14 days downtime for this treatment. Skin must be prepped with DMK products and aftercare advice followed strictly.


*Two products included in the treatment cost are Contraderm cream and EFA’s.


$99 | 30 minutes

A pick me up for the skin, a medium peel with no real downtime, sometimes a slight redness for a few hours post treatment. Includes a deep cleanse, customised exfoliation, clay or gel mask, scalp/shoulder massage, and DMK transdermal finishing products. 


$209 | 75 minutes

DMK focuses on the skin’s dysfunction at a cellular level with the golden principle of remove, rebuild, protect, and maintain. Think of us as your skin’s personal trainer, working together to eliminate your skins concerns for good. We highly recommend starting your DMK journey with our Skin Exploration session to track your ongoing results. 

A beginner’s enzyme. This session focuses on creating blood flow and nutrients to your cells to kick start optimal functioning. A gentle exfoliation is included.


$259 | 9minutes

Here we start to up the ante, whether your concerns are breakouts, pigmentation, reactive skin, ageing more gracefully with our customised enzyme masks and mild peels.


$289 | 90 minutes

Really tackling those skin concerns by pushing your skin to the next level! Customised peels are used depending on what your skin is craving. There may be downtime depending on your chosen peel. Your LUNA skin expert will guide you through this process.


$329 | 90 minutes

The ultimate enzyme- where we may layer Enzyme 1,2 and 3 with a specialised muscle banding technique, to lift and tone facial tissues. 

LUNA professional staff providing rejuvenating skin treatment to a client


Skin isn’t just on our face it covers our whole body… 
And DMK is AMAZING to revise the body too!
+ Body Enzyme to your Facial treatment   

(Upper Arms, Stomach, Chest or Front Thigh)         $79 each


$199 | 70 minutes

Our skin covers our whole body- so let’s treat it that way! This body enzyme is designed to revise the skin on your thigh/butt area and leaves you feeling tighter and smoother!

A woman receiving a rejuvenating skin treatment at LUNA salon

SKIN ADD ONS | $39 each

Collagen Eye Treatment
LED Light Therapy 
Décolleté + Hand Peel
Foot + Lower Leg Massage 
Tailored Face Mask 
Extra Extractions with Steam
Power Enzyme Peel 
Catalyst Retinol Peel 
Alpha Beta Peel 
DMK Hot Peel 

*SKIN Add On’s are for facial treatments only.  Not sure what to add to your desired treatment? Don’t worry, your LUNA skin expert will point you in the right direction according to your current skins condition and what we’re working towards. Just ask our friendly team for your best treatment options.

Amelia is absolutely amazing!! She has made me so comfortable over the last couple of years and has worked hard on my skin. We have been on my skin journey together and it has yielded some great results. Amelia is also always available and responsive to any queries I have at any time in between appointments.

Ankita Priya

A woman receiving a rejuvenating skin treatment at LUNA salon
Rejuvenating and Relaxing Atmostphere at LUNA Skin and Brow Salon

Start Your Skincare
Journey With LUNA

Experience the best version of yourself with LUNA's skin obsessed therapists. We aim not only to rejuvenate your skin, but also to provide you with the best skin education to keep your skin glowing and healthy. Start your skincare journey with us and book your first LUNA facial today. Get ready to feel amazing in your skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I'm not sure how to start my skin journey - what would you suggest?
    Book in your First LUNA Facial where we will go through a consultation, recommendations and home prescriptive. It's the perfect starting point!
  • What if I have really sensitive skin?
    Our team can guide you towards the best treatment option. An LED is a great place to start as it's non invasive and suited for even the most reactive skins.
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