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The Skins Perfect Power Couple

Updated: May 12, 2023

The weather outside can really take a toll on your skin, and after a long summer of sun exposure and a cocktail or two- winter presents the perfect time to take action on your skin.

This is where the pigment punch duo comes into action! Pigmentation and uneven skin tone really have no chance against this power couple.

Combining the B3 Plus serum and concentrated brightening serum together allows them to work in perfect harmony to complement each other and boost the effects of active ingredients


The OCosmedics B3 is a 12% Niacinamide and quickly jumps into action by targeting the deposit of melanin in the pigmentation process, to greatly reduce the skin’s production of those pesky pigment deposits. On top of this it also supports the skin’s immunity and healthy flow of the skin’s natural oils, minimising fine lines, wrinkles and breakouts. This really is the serum that everyone needs in their arsenal.

But why stop there! The concentrated brightening serum is revolutionary and like nothing on the market. Blue biotechnology brighting actives, botanical exfoliants and flash-white unispheres are the skin’s answer to airbrushed photo perfection.

It’s time to kick start your skin, brighten uneven skin tone, reduce the appearance of age spots and smooth skin imperfections.

These two products really are targeting your pigmentation by blocking it from a cellular level(B3) then lightening topically with the brightening serum! WIN-WIN!

How to use:

B3 Plus: Apply a quarter to half a pump to clean, dry skin. Press in until fully absorbed. Use morning and evening -or if once a day, use in the am. Followed by your hydrator.

Concentrated Brightening Serum: Apply 1-2 pumps on clean, dry skin. Ensure unispheres break to release brightening actives by massaging onto skin. Use morning and evening for best results.

PRO TIP… Layer your serums starting lightest to heaviest, B3 first followed by Brightening serum. Ensure your correctors are targeting your main skin concerns.

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