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Memberships are a way to more easily, and affordably, achieve your dream skin and beauty goals without a hefty price tag!

Depending on your skin, brow, & lash needs, the team at LUNA are able to customise a treatment plan, or you can choose from  one of our already made memberships.

Membership Conditions

  • Cannot be transferred to another person

  • Cannot be refunded

  • You or your, is a reference to the member whose name the LUNA Skin + Brow Membership package is held in.

  • Membership refers to the commitment of an individual to pay for a selection of services offered by the LUNA Skin + Brow Membership within an agreed duration of time.

  • Appointments and bookings are an agreed time and date between both the membership holder and LUNA Skin + Brow at which the requested service will be delivered.

  • Your LUNA Skin + B row membership term commences on the billing date chosen when you purchase your membership and continues strictly for the number of months that you have purchased your membership.

  • You cannot transfer your membership to any other person or allow any other person to use part of your membership at any time.

  • While we will make every reasonable effort to accommodate your desired booking time we cannot and do not guarantee that a particular booking time will be available unless it is booked in advance.

  • If you cancel your appointment without giving us 24 hours notice we will charge you a fee of 100% of that service credit.

  • If you ‘no show’ or do not attend your appointment time that you have booked without prior notice you will be debited 100% of that service credit.

  • Monthly payments are debited directly from the chosen payment method from the billing date chosen at the time of signup.

  • All payments will be debited via your method of payment in advance.

  • Monthly means 4 weeks.

  • It is your responsibility to ensure that there are sufficient clear funds available in your account or credit on your credit card to allow monthly debit payments to be made.

  • Please note that extra services will require an extra fee.

  • Membership credits do not rollover.

  • Membership benefits do not continue after membership has expired.

  • Pre-paid and gift cards are strictly not accepted as a payment method for memberships.

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